Rubber Speed Cushions Europe

Create safer roads with our Europe Speed Cushions. With their ability to slow down cars while allowing emergency vehicles to pass easily, they make an ideal road safety solution for places where maintaining emergency response time is crucial.

Check here the key features of our Europe Speed Cushions:

  • Vulcanized rubber, which makes our speed cushions durable
  • Available in two lengths
  • Highly visible at night
  • Customized molded-in company logo

All accessories are packed with our speed cushions: Plastic caps, aluminum H-connectors, galvanised hex flange coach screws, and plastic anchors.

Discover here our full range of speed cushions if you are interested in other specifications.


4 PARTS Length: 6.5 feet / 2000 mm
Width: 6 feet / 1800 mm
Height: 2.5 inches / 65 mm
20′ container: 72 sets
40′ container: 134 sets
✔ Red
✔ Black
✔ Customised colors
– Plastic Caps
– Aluminum H-Connectors
– Galvanised hex flange coach screws
– Plastic Anchors
6 PARTS Length: 10 feet / 3000 mm
Width: 6 feet / 1800 mm
Height: 2.5 inches / 65 mm
20′ container: 48 sets
40′ container: 88 sets

Specifications of our Europe Speed Cushions

Create safer roads with our Europe Speed Cushions. With their ability to slow down cars while allowing emergency vehicles to pass easily, they make an ideal road safety solution for places where maintaining emergency response time is crucial.

Features that make our Europe speed cushions stand out from other similar products in the market are:


  • Available in two lengths: 6.5 feet / 2000 mm (2 right corners & 2 left corners) and 10 feet / 3000 mm (2 right corners, 2 left corners, & 2 middle parts)
  • Width: 6 feet / 1800 mm
  • Height: 2.5 inches / 65 mm


  • Vulcanized rubber, which makes our speed cushions highly durable and long-lasting
  • 90% recycled premium rubber and 10% virgin rubber


Their patterned surface helps reduce:

  • Vehicle skidding
  • Road accidents
  • Traffic accident fatalities


  • These traffic control devices are highly visible even at night due to their white triangular-shaped reflective tapes


  • Available in black and red


Personalize your pedestrian safety and traffic safety tools by requesting the following:

  • A molded-in company logo
  • Custom-made packing


Our traffic-control cushions come with an installation kit consisting of the following items:

  • Galvanised hex flange coach screws – M12 x 160 mm (M12 x 6”)
  • Plastic anchors – Ø 17 x 105 mm (Ø 0.67” x 4.1”)
  • Aluminum H-connectors
  • Plastic caps

These specifications make our speed cushions one of a kind. Contact us to learn about their features in detail.

We also offer other types of road cushions. Check our list here:

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Why are our rubber speed cushions necessary for traffic safety management?

Like other traffic control tools such as speed bumps, speed humps, traffic cones, bollards, stop signs, speed breakers, traffic signals, and traffic barriers, our speed cushions offer many incredible benefits.

They are necessary for a roadway, asphalt pavement, driveway, sidewalk, or per-hour parking for the following reasons:

  • Slow-down traffic: Controlling traffic flow in hectic traffic lanes and roads is made easy with our rubber speed cushions.
    They reduce the traffic speed to 20 mph (miles per hour), which helps decrease road accidents and associated fatalities around crosswalks, cut-throughs, intersections, pedestrian crossings, federal highways, slow zone, parabolic parking, or roundabout. It also helps with traffic police enforcement.
  • Control traffic volume: The raised section of our speed cushions imposes speed control limits which help manage traffic volume on roads and city streets. These traffic calming measures slow traffic to manage it and discourage traffic jams in congested places.
  • Let emergency vehicles pass without any hindrance: Unlike a speed bump, speed hump, or speed table, our bolted speed cushions are installed in such a way that there is space left between two cushions. It allows speeding emergency vehicles, fire trucks, or buses to pass easily without reducing speed. It helps them reach their destination fast.
    Transportation engineers and municipalities install our European standard speed cushions Europe to impose a speed limit on cars, not emergency vehicles.
  • Help the bicyclist, motorist, or cyclist pass easily: Bicyclists and motorists can ride their vehicles easily in the space left between our spaced speed cushions without any speed reduction.
  • Regulate traffic route: Federal highway administration and the department of transportation install speed cushions around schools, hospitals, etc., to make drivers choose a different roadway. It helps minimize traffic noise in the neighborhood.
    Like other important traffic control tools such as street lights, speed limit signs, stop-sign, warning signs, dynamic speed breakers, rumble-strip, traffic signals, stiffer speed ramps, or low-speed signage, our speed cushions are an essential part of your traffic management scheme.

Are our speed cushions easily visible at night?

Traffic managing tools like rumble strips, road bumps, traffic signs, steep speed ramps, stiff wheel stops, pavement markings, recycled plastic speed signs, and street parking signs should be highly visible to the coming traffic so they can reduce speed on time and avoid discomfort.

We take pedestrian and driver safety seriously. That is why we manufacture speed cushions that are visible to all, even at night. Our traffic control cushions have waterproof reflective tape that shines when vehicular light falls on it. It helps drivers see the speed cushion and diminish car acceleration on time.

The reflective tape is white in color, which is very prominent at night.

Does it make noise when driving over our speed cushion?

We use premium quality vulcanized rubber that makes no sound when a vehicle passes over it at a moderate speed. Their shape and design are crafted carefully to give drivers a good experience while passing over them.

The gentle slope and the soft material make our speed cushions a noise-free solution to traffic management!

If you are looking for a durable, versatile, and effective traffic control tool, our European speed cushion Europe is a great tool you must try. It is designed according to European standards so that you won’t have any trouble with the dimension, design, and installation.


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