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Top 5 Speed Cushions Brands!

Speed bumps and Speed cushions are two of the most common traffic-calming solutions. Speed bumps are usually installed on roads to reduce the speed of various vehicles on a roadway. If the vehicle crosses the speed bump at high speed, the driver can feel an abrupt jolt.

Similarly, huge emergency vehicles such as ambulances or fire trucks aren’t even spared, and the speed bumps prevent them from traveling at a fast speed.

On the contrary, speed cushions are an innovative alternative to speed bumps made of rubber that have wheel cutouts to allow large vehicles such as ambulances and fire trucks to pass uninterrupted while causing passenger vehicles to slow down.

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Numerous manufacturers are claiming to sell high-quality speed cushions in the market. Today’s article will teach you about the top five brands that manufacture authentic speed cushions. 

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Traffic Logix

Traffic Logix is known for manufacturing digital signage and devices for intelligent transportation systems, including message signs, cameras, and speed control markings. However, they also produce some of the best traffic control devices, with speed cushions being one of them. 

Their speed cushions are a sequence of small speed humps made from recycled rubber. These are installed across the width of the road and are specially designed for vehicles with narrow wheelbases to slow down while preventing crashes and injuries. Ambulances, fire trucks, or other emergency vehicles with wider axles can drive over them without slowing.

Traffic Logix speed cushions are made of interlocking units that snap together and can reduce the speeds of vehicles by 15 to 20 mph. These traffic calming cushions from Traffic Logix are quick and easy to install. With a height and length of 3 inches and 3.5 feet, respectively, these road speed questions are an innovative solution to calm traffic without slowing emergency vehicles.

The road speed cushions have markings embedded into rubber during production. Reflective markings can also be placed in yellow or white arrows, squares, and combinations. 

Black and white speed cushions made by Traffic Logix.


Even though Marshalls is known for selling landscaping and construction products, the company also manufactures high-quality speed cushions, which are incredibly quick to install and durable enough to withstand any traffic load.

Marshalls produces two speed cushions: rubber speed cushions and reinforced concrete speed cushions.

Rubber Speed Cushions

These are easy-to-install and easy-to-remove traffic-calming cushions that provide a flexible, modular approach to speed management. These rubber cushions are built for busy roads to withstand heavy traffic. They are available in either 4 or 6 pieces with black and red as color options. 

The 4-piece speed cushion is 2000mm long and 1800mm wide, while the 6-piece speed cushion comes with a similar width but is 1000mm longer. 

Marshalls Rubber Speed Cushions are versatile and easily moved to other sites. Fixings are also supplied to bolt down speed cushions to tarmac surfaces.

Red rubber speed cushion made by Marshalls.

Reinforced Concrete Speed Cushions

Marshalls has designed these reinforced concrete speed cushions, especially for pedestrian areas and rail zones, as an economical and hard-wearing solution for reducing traffic speed. 

These speed cushions come in two categories, Plateau and Domed, with a height of 205 mm and three different width options – 1600, 1750, and 1900mm. The Plateau version can be deployed in various environments, while the Domed speed cushion is specifically designed for areas with bus traffic. 

Both traffic calming cushions are easy to install and are cost-effective with low maintenance costs.

A red car is about to pass over a red and white concrete road cushion made by Marshalls.

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One of the top-selling products of Rediweld is Traficop speed cushions which are extremely quick and easy to install. Rediweld makes these traffic speed cushion designs with fewer parts, making the installation process more efficient. 

The initial Traficop cushions were 75mm high – a height that perfectly conformed with DfT recommendations. On the flip side, the 65mm version was only made for France and Belgium. This style is also now widely used in the UK and is more acceptable for emergency vehicles with a shallower side gradient. 

Rediweld’s traffic-calming cushions are bolted down to the surface, which doesn’t require excavation and spoiling. With corners having a 5 cm radius and an extra fitting in each module, these road speed cushions offer guaranteed safety.

These speed cushions from Rediweld are made with reflective markings molded in various designs during the manufacturing process. The usual width of Rediweld’s speed cushions varies from 1600mm to 1900mm, while the length range is between 2000mm and 3000mm. 

For the order size and serving part, you’ll receive three speeds per pallet for short cushions versions (2.0m long) and two per pallet for long cushions (3.0m long).

Undoubtedly, the astonishing and intricate design of Traficop makes it an unparalleled product for the traffic-calming industry. 

A pair of speed cushions on the road manufactured by Rediweld.

Sino Concept

Sino Concept comes in at no.4, and the company supplies high-quality speed-calming cushions that comply with the UK’s manufacturing standards.

In addition, the speed cushions are environmentally friendly as they are made from 90% recycled and 10% natural rubber, which is also excellent for elasticity and resistance – useful characteristics missing from materials like concrete and asphalt. 

These speed cushions by Sino Concept are manufactured with a special rubber structure that makes less traffic noise than other speed-calming cushions. The top layer of these cushions is specially treated to resist heavy traffic volume and climatic hazards.

These cushions are resistant to climatic hazards and can withstand years of ultraviolet light with the anti-UV treatment. 

Sino Concept ensures quality at each step of the manufacturing process. They promise to follow and maintain the standards required to safely package the speed-calming cushions and deliver them in perfect condition. 

A red rubber speed cushion manufactured by Sino Concept for traffic-calming purposes.

Speed Cushion Factory

Last but not least, the speed cushion factory comes in at no.5. The company promises a versatile range of high-quality speed cushions which are perfectly elastic and resistant.

These road cushions are manufactured with a mixture of recycled and natural rubber, and the layers of the cushion are treated specially to stand up to heavy traffic and natural hazards.

With the anti-UV treatment, these speed-calming cushions from the speed cushion factory are specially manufactured to bear ultraviolet light for extensive periods. 

Moreover, these high-quality traffic-calming speed cushions are manufactured with reflective markings, making them visible at night. The cushions are bolted down to the surface, which causes no harm to the road and guarantees safety. 

The traffic calming cushions at the speed cushion factory are available in two lengths, 2000mm and 3000mm, its height is 65mm, and they can be bought in 4 or 6 parts. 

Red rubber Europe style speed cushions manufactured by Speed Cushion Factory.


To conclude, there are numerous options for speed cushions available in the market. Rubber cushions are a much better option than concrete cushions due to their noise, portability, price, and safety advantages for vehicles.

As a buyer, you should know your exact requirements. This means you should be aware of the size required for the road you will be installing the cushions on and the kind of oncoming traffic (light, heavy, emergency response, etc.).

Speed cushion factory, in particular, produces robust speed cushions suitable for roadways and less harsh on vehicles. So, if you’re looking to purchase some high-quality speed cushions, make sure to browse our offerings first.

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